Apple A Day Variety Gift Box 

An assortment of seasonal, sweet and crunchy apples. Crisp and juicy, these apples are picked for perfection and will certainly delight any apple fan. The Apple A Day Variety Gift Box includes: 1 Dozen assorted seasonal apples (Red Delicious, Fancy Gala, Cripps, Braeburns, and Granny Smith) Important Shopping Note: Due to USDA or state-level Departments of Agriculture, some fruit items cannot be shipped to certain states. Please refer to the list below to guide you while shopping.


AZ-no fresh fruit shipping into AZ.

CA-no fresh citrus shipping into CA

FL-no citrus or mangos shipping into FL

ID-no apples or pears shipping into ID

LA-no citrus shipping into LA

OR-no citrus shipping into OR

TX-no citrus shipping into TX

WA-no citrus shipping into WA


Ships from MD – Standard Delivery $13.95

(2-5 Business Days) 817032a


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